Significant jobs I have undertaken

Chairman  Managing Director   Business Change Director   General Manager   Operations Director   IT Director

Programme Director   Quality and Environmental Director   Customer Service Director



Companies I have worked for

Pearson; Edexcel/BTEC; BAe Systems; Thorn-EMI; Marconi; GEC; MoD; Colorworld

Some of the organisations I have advised and consulted with

Ofqual; GEMs; Rafiki; Good People; Step into my Shoes; Rotherham Academy; Portland Academy; Bell Education; Viewsy; Emerge Venture Labs; Labour Party Commissions; Crowdfunding; U-Explore; Innovate Awarding; Cognita; Chartered Institute of Management; Think-tank - Learnus; DRS; Shirley Conran; Wey Education; Money Stuff;

A Few Highlights

Took Edexcel/BTEC from £17m Loss to £85m net profit and turnover from £75m to £230m

Credited with modernising the English Exam system

Won UK Customer Service of the Year Award

Created and chaired the Educational Neuroscience think tank, Learnus

Published Cheats, Choices and Dumbing Down

MSc Management and Technology

Set fire to a Ballistic Nuclear Submarine