During much education and training I assimilated a great deal of management theory, and had the opportunity to put it into practice in many different spheres. Yet it seemed to me that somehow endeavours such as IT projects, inventory management, recruitment, and much of corporate effort just didn’t work well.  When I attempted to make changes that were clearly better I was often met with resistance, or my changes were quickly reversed after I had moved on.

Gradually I realised that the fundamental problem lay in social behaviour and I began to use my understanding to make successful changes.  I saw that social drivers exist at individual, group and corporate level and dictate how we behave.  I also saw that most companies are hopelessly inefficient because they ignore behavioural pressures.

Perhaps the most surprising observation was that senior directors seemed to be able to move on to similar roles even after they had failed. It seemed to me that they had some status that dominated credibility.

As my experience grew I realised that social issues have a dominant impact on organisations. I saw professional specialists fail to solve technical problems; engineers specify processes that were hopelessly inefficient; customer support that irritated customers; recruitment rules that ensured that good candidates were rejected; and leadership strategies that were laughable.

Much later I used my awareness to transform organisations and to help aspiring staff to succeed…

The challenge for me now is to write a book that resonates with a very wide audience and that points the way to success in large organisations. Trust me, it is possible to be successful in winning financial reward, happiness and respect!

…and you really don’t have to be special in any way to succeed.  Just look at the successful people around you

I would be delighted to hear from you, and for your to contribution to be recognised in the book.