Thanks for visiting these pages and to everyone who offered comments and advice about the proposed style of my new book. It seems that the approach was too radical for many so I will revert to a more conventional structure. I am still very much interested in advice however, and for contributions from a wide range of perspectives.

So, this web site continues to be dominated by the book. I want to put something back into education.

My book is about how to rise through the ranks of management in large organisations because the rewards for reaching senior levels can be spectacular. Organisations are driven by social relationships and advancement does not depend on academic or performance outcomes.  Social issues dominate our lives at work and most people accept the status quo never realising what they could achieve.

Maslow called it The Need to Belong

I learned how to be successful - I have been there and done it, and you can too.


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I continue to look at consultancy contracts, charity and education activities, and I have included some personal background…